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Henry Madd is an award-winning poet, educator and theatre maker. Born in the West Midlands now operating in Margate, his work champions rural voices. It finds new playful ways to tackle themes including mental health, social issues, and hangovers.

He performs across the UK and internationally headlining, slams, charity events and festivals. During this time he has shared stages with the likes of Rudy Francisco, Harry Baker and Lemn Sissay. This has led to him being commissioned by: The Marlowe Theatre (The Kit Heritage Project, A Poem For Canterbury), Canterbury Cathedral (Summer Storytelling), Half Moon Theatre (The Catastrophic Adventures Of Dollop And Crinkle), and Half A String Theatre Company (The Snowsmith).

Currently, his new spoken word drama Land Of Lost Content is preparing to present at Edinburgh for the whole of the fringe. Venue: Pleasance Bunker One. (Donate to the Crowdfunder at https://crowdfund.edfringe.com/p/land-of-lost-content)

Finally, Henry delivers successful community art projects that encourage connection with poetry, theatre and our sense of home. Previous collaborations include working with organisations such as the Public Library of San Diego and The Phiharmonia Orchestra.


The Land of Lost Content

New Writing
Rural Voices
Spoken Word

Henry and Jake grew up with their mates in a quiet country town called Dulowl. A town where they forged friendships in failed adventures, bad habits and damp raves as they stumbled through adolescence looking for something to do. Then Henry moved away.

Now he’s back but there’s no enjoying a welcome-home-pint without facing up to the memories he ran from. Welcome to a town that turns worlds upside down in an instant, yet nothing seems to change.

A compassionate, funny and deeply moving take on life in a small town.


Ludlow Fringe Festival

Tue, 5 Jul 2022, 17:30

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Chang Thai Bar, 3 Market St, Ludlow SY8 1BP

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Ludlow Fringe Festival

Wed, 6 Jul 2022, 17:30

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Chang Thai Bar, 3 Market St, Ludlow SY8 1BP

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Wed, 3 Aug 2022, 11:45

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Pleasance Bunker One, 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ

Henry Madd - Land of lost content
The Reviews Hub
"A wonderfully accessible and evocative piece"
"The performers undoubtedly have bright futures ahead, with Madd being a new writer to watch. "

Crowd Funding

We Need You!

We can’t wait to bring our show to the Edinburgh Fringe this year, but we need your help!

It turns out taking a show to the Fringe is a pretty pricey endeavour. There are deposits, registration fees, PR fees, marketing and printing costs, travel and accommodation. That’s before we’ve even got there! Then of course we need to pay ourselves and our wider design team so we can eat and keep paying rent back home.

However, this is all worth it to bring what we think is an important show to a wider fringe audience.

We’ve managed to raise a lot ourselves thanks to generous donations from the Pleasance Debut fund, private supporters, and box office sales from past shows. But now we’re doing a Bernie Sanders and asking for your help!

We still need to raise at least £2000 and were hoping you might be able to chip in…or know someone who would.

What Are We Spending You Cash On?

If we succeed in our target to raise £2000 the money will be used predominantly to aid us in advertising, redesigning the set, and providing some of the fees for our wonderful actors.

Advertising is an integral part of any Fringe show gaining an audience. It is important that we expand our reach as wide as we possibly can across the Fringe.

We are committed to ensuring all members attached to the production are paid well for their work throughout the Fringe month. We have almost raised enough funds to pay the entire company adequately throughout the run and this last small sum will ensure we can do so.

In addition, any left-over money will be spent on re-envisioning our set design. Previously, this was made from foam crumb scattered across the stage floor. Foam crumb is not very Edinburgh Fringe friendly. It takes ages to clean up (think glitter levels of difficulty to get rid of). So, we need to recreate a more permanent floor solution that will be easy to lay down and pack up everyday (and that we won't be picking out of our socks for months to come). We have a plan in place but require a bit of extra funding to bring this idea to life!

Thank You!

As we are an independent company, we would be incredibly grateful for any support to help finance our journey. Thank you so much for your time and your support, and we can’t wait to bring this show to life!


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Henry works extensively facilitating writing and theatre workshops for people of all ages. He is passionate about promoting 'writing for well-being'. Often this takes the form of community projects designed to encourage people to connect with each other and the places they call home. Henry combines his theatre background with his teaching practice to get words up on their feet, keeping writing exciting and relevant.


Between 2020-2021 Henry was selected to join leading arts charity CREATE:ARTS' nurturing talent programme. Here Henry supported leading workshop facilitators in delivering workshops to vulnerable demographics of people. He is now part of CREATE'S pool of artists.

In his own words:

At school, I didn’t get poetry and saw writing as a chore, I could never imagine doing it for leisure. Now I couldn’t live without it. I want everyone else to share that feeling. You don’t have to be good at spelling or have perfect grammar (I am the prime example of this) to be a writer. You just need to find your voice and say whatever it is you want to say.

Henry in jacket

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Please email for any inquiries regarding bookings, performances and workshops! Henry will typically respond within 24 hours.